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GR Constructs is focused on giving each customer the experience they deserve.

Daniel Green

Customer Service Specialist

Need help? Contact me​

919.480.1944 or daniel@GRconstructs.com​

Our values are based on 3 pillars: Honesty, Communication & Respect.

As a homeowner and recent father Daniel went through his own remodeling projects and found it harder and harder to find contractors that did not communicate (unanswered voicemails, no-shows, or estimates for the wrong customer!), didn’t listen or just plain missed the mark. Now, as the customer representative, Daniel knows what it’s like to be hesitate to let another person into your home, family-space and castle. This is why he makes a point to treat each customer as he would have liked to be treated: with dignity and honesty.

Communication is the focus of the company from first call to final walkthrough.

Our Values

Clean. Respectful. Trustworthy.

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