5 Advantages to Hiring a Cheap Painter

Should I hire a “cheap” painter?

People paint their interior and exteriors of their houses for many reasons. Perhaps you bought your house in day-glow yellow like we did! Paint peeling. Out of style. You want an accent wall. Whatever the reason, you want it done. After getting quotes, you are torn between the company with a website, hundreds of reviews, an email address, nice quote sheet, or the referral from your favorite social media group: just a number and a guy/gal. 

The cost difference is noticeable and you ask yourself… is it worth it? Well, here’s a list of pros for hiring a guy with a ladder, van and a just a phone number. 

5 advantages to using a “value-based” painter:

  1. It’s cheap! If your bottom line is the most important thing about this job, then doing it cheaply, is of course for you! Without much overhead (employees, insurance, advertisement costs, webhosting, rent, etc) Neighbor Joe can do the job cheaper than most companies that come out and quote your house.
  2. You want/need it done soon! Many larger companies can get booked 2-3 months in advance. If you hate waiting and expecting it done by this weekend for your kid’s birthday party, then a one (or 2) man (or woman) shop may be your best answer. These smaller organizations can be more flexible to your demands, as well as just not as busy (or have no work at all). They haven’t lined up the next 8 or 15 jobs, so therefore can squeeze you in or get to your needs sooner than a bigger company.
  3. You don’t care about the warranty. A reason you may go to an established company is for the warranty that you trust is going to be honored. If that’s not your concern (or one of your top concerns), then it may be okay to risk the cheaper option. Perhaps you don’t care if the phone number may be disconnected a year from now, because you wouldn’t call anyways about that peeling paint. Maybe, you love your orange room and the Star Wars themed nursery, but it HAS to be agreeable gray in order for the house to be “presentable to sell”, so you think, “Why add pain to my wallet as I pain my heart?” If you’re planning on being out of the house, you may not prioritize the warranty aspect of the established company.
  4. You feel more comfortable with a more personal referral. Painter Paul has more charisma and personal connection than nameless Noah of HOUSE PAINTERS INC. Paul came out to your house, made the effort to understand your needs, drank tea with you, patted your dog, cat and 3 bunnies, AND shook your hand on the price. Meanwhile, Salesperson Susie had a 10 minute boasting session about their company (they won awards!!), wrote down your house’s square footage, and then sent you a contract! All without even a word about your great taste in decor and teas. If you’re made to feel like another cog in the machine, how are you going to let someone (or a team) of people inside your house? Alone. Your brain may be agreeing with your gut: go with the one you trust. That trust was formed by making a connection and reinforced by the referral from your friend, coworker or social media. Besides, he said he liked your dog and your cat liked him! Well, the cat didn’t scratch him at least.  
  5. The risk outweighs the reward. Any work done to, on or around your house has risks. You could sprain your back pulling up weeds. Or the lawn person could throw a rock through your imported, stained glass window. Painting is no different. Ladders are involved. Scaffolding. Cherry pickers for your 3 story, vaulted mosaics. So the question is: what is your risk tolerance? What happens when the arborist makes a costly mistake? You better believe their insurance was confirmed before starting. But your lawn guy? A painter? Do you need to make sure your painter has insurance for themselves and their workers? How much damage can a 6 foot ladder do to your walls? How bad is an 8 foot fall? 10 feet? 25 feet? Would a claim be made against your home owner’s insurance? These are questions to be asked and decided on. Is Painter INC’s insurance (along with multiple other benefits) worth the extra cost to protect yourself as 20 feet of window trim is repainted or deck is being stained? Only you can decide. 


For  further thoughts on this subject, see why quality-based painting companies may be for you!

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-Daniel Green

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