6 Ways to save money while getting your house painted.

Painting Estimate a Bit Too High?

Are you wanting to renew your space with some new colors but the price is making you a bit uneasy?

Here’s 6 ways to save on your interior painting without deflating your vision. 

  1. Skip the trim! Making the trim pop can be time consuming. And that time costs money. By having your painters skip the trim, you can save up to half the the price! Perhaps your baseboards are in pretty good shape. Maybe there’s minimal trim in doors and windows. Skip it and save! 
  2. Reduce the scope of work. Need a change to go along with your new attitude? Got a case of “winter walls”? Maybe there’s nothing wrong with the colors, but you need a change. Pick a room you spend most of your time in and focus on that. Work at home: the office. Better sleep and brighter mornings: your bedroom. Changing what you see regularly may give you the new baseline to match your new headspace. 
  3. Accent walls. In the same way as number 2, accent walls can give you the same effect desired: a renewed space on the cheap. An added bonus: it’s a statement! When focusing on only one or two walls you don’t have to skip on quality while sticking to your budget.
  4. Get it painted BEFORE you move in. Painting is 90% prep. A lot goes into removing your shelves, pictures, decorations and making sure your furniture, chairs, tables, etc are safe. If the room is empty, this reduces the time and care needed and time is money! Bonus if your painters can use a sprayer!
  5. Get a quote for the whole house instead of just a room! Quality-based companies have a daily cost (salary, overhead, etc), which is why a small room may cost almost as much as a living room: it takes a day to do either. By expanding your scope of work to the whole house, you can receive a better price per square foot. Combine this with #5, and you’ll get an even better price! 
  6. Do it yourself. This is the tried and true method of keeping it cheap. The largest costs for painters is the labor. By providing the labor you cut that out. Some tips: buy quality paint (think Sherman Williams’ and Benjamin Moore’s mid to top line products). Painting is 90% prep, 10% actual painting. Finally, anyone can paint, but painting well is a skill: don’t expect to get it perfect, aim for “good enough”.
  7. BONUS: as touched on in number 6, don’t skimp on quality paint when doing it yourself. The overall cost from “ok” to “good” to “awesome” doesn’t increase the cost of the project significantly. While it may be tempting to save a few hundred on a whole house paint project, but the end product will be noticeably degraded. Additionally, the cheaper paint often requires more gallons and more coats. More coats of paint takes more time. . .

-Daniel Green

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