Contractors are not Ice-Cream Vans!

Tired of chasing contractors to get an estimate?

How much time have you spent calling, filling forms, waiting for home visits, to end up chasing your contractor for an estimate? Did you put down a deposit and now your kitchen is half finished and your point of contact is straight to voicemail? 

Why is it accepted for busy homeowners to chase their contractors for estimates or communication once the project has started?

You worked hard for your money, why should you work even harder to spend it on your new kitchen, bath or flooring?

No other business requires the customer to chase them. Starbucks isn’t moving storefronts locations every 30 minutes. 

You’re not running across the parking lot as the “Express Mobile Yoga Buss” pulls out, knowing you now have to rush your SUV to get in front of it before you can enjoy your hour of balance.

Do people chase ice-cream trucks for blocks and blocks for a $3.50 RocketPop? Well… yes, but those are kids. Kids have free-time and chasing the ice cream truck is an experience that can be enjoyable and memorable. Even as adults, we’ll go to the extremes for a good, over-priced bit of ice cream. 

GR Constructs, LLC is not in the business of ice cream, but we are focused on making the process enjoyable and memorable.

Contractors are not ice cream trucks.

So why are you expected to chase them?

No unreturned calls, texts, or emails. 

No chasing.

-Daniel Green

GR Constructs

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