Is your painter priced to stay?

Is your painter priced to continue to serve you through the years?

My wife and I bought our house in 2017 and, since it was “as is”, we had the interior and exterior painted. We also had the exterior painted because it was, kid you not, day-glow yellow. (For a full list of nicknames the neighbors had for our house, skip to the bottom!)

Today, after 5 years, it is clear that we have not been kind to our paint. Walls are colored (thanks kids!) and scuffed. Outside, it is not much better in many spots. The average time for a home to be repainted is 5-10 years. Let’s agree the last 2 years count as 4 years (thanks covid!), which would put my house right in the middle of that time frame. Add 2 years since we have 2 kids and we’re not at the top end! But can I call the same painters that did my house the first time? Their number is no longer connected. Truth be told, while we were happy to no longer see nicotine marks indoors, nor being seen from space, the painters left a bit to be satisfied with. We of course didn’t notice until months (and a baby) later. By then we had paid and were not getting much chance for them to touch up areas. 

We were referred to this painter by our realtor, he was inexpensive and finished in a day. But I question what we really paid. Was it worth the savings? How likely would they have resolved any issues if we told them a day afterwards (later found out by another job the chance is near zero)? Had he done a great job, and I wanted to hire him again, could I? No, has changed phone numbers or is out of business.

-Daniel Green

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Spongebob Yellow house






Our yellow house names per our neighbors:

School Bus House

I can see it from space House

Sunnyside Up House

Spongebob House

Pineapple House

Caution Sign House

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